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The Tower of Joy Fight

So I got talking to one of my swordfighting buddies about two-weapon fighting again, and he mentioned that the latest episode of A Game of Thrones had some pretty silly swinging going on in a fight at some place called the Tower of Joy. Of course, I had to go and look this up for myself, and I believe it’s rather silly in many places, but it has some redeeming qualities.

my best grouping

A few things you probably didn’t know about archery

So, I went back to the range on Sunday, and had a lovely time putting sharp pointy things into a crappy target made out of masking tape. My groupings are getting better, thank you for asking. But it got me thinking about the stuff that people don’t know about archery, whether because they watch too many movies, or because they haven’t yet discovered this most interesting and rewarding of martial arts.


Mr. Darcy’s Proposal

As you may all know, I am somewhat obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. It is my favorite book.

Okay, that’s not really true. It’s more… this is the book by which I measure my own work. It has so much wit, and character! It has nuance and layers, and it’s timelessly fun. So light and easy to read, even two hundred years after it was first written. Jane Austen was one of the greatest novelists to ever contribute to English literature.

beyonce formation

Get in Formation

So… okay. Real talk for a moment. You guys ever heard of Beyoncé?

That’s a trick question. I’m pretty sure none of you are living under a rock on Mars.

Way back in the mists of time, around 2010, I was young(er) and foolish, and I wrote a blog post about the idea of Beyoncé’s music having deeper meaning, and whether that meaning was being read into the lyrics by a critic’s over-active imagination as opposed to being put there by the artist. Now I read that post and CRINGE, you guys. I cringe to the deepest part of my soul. I sound so godawfully pretentious.

A long, strange January

A long, strange January

It’s been a long, odd month.

I’m still stuck in editing hell with The Nameless Knight, but I’m working on it. The cover is done, so the only thing left to do is get the book finished and out to the copyeditor.

I’ve started a new job, and some of my time is being hosed by that, obviously. It’s good for me though. Makes me feel better, being back at code.


December Giveaway – and an Interview!

Well! Nanowrimo is done, and now Christmas is fast approaching. And I have been busy as hell!

The Goodreads giveaway is now over, and three lucky winners in the UK and the States now each have a copy of The Meldling on its way to them. I did run my usual mailing list giveaway, and I’ve contacted the person who won, but I still haven’t heard back from them. This gives me a sad, but all I can do is wait.


Preventing E-Book Piracy

I’ve noticed, through the metrics that I get through Google, that some people are coming to my site to find out about ebook piracy, since I wrote about it here. I do tend to waffle on a bit about piracy in general, so grab your parrot and peg leg, kids! Let’s talk about how you can prevent those nasty pirates from uploading your treasured works to the torrent site du jour.

hunger games

Morally Complicated Y.A.

Behold, my friends, the latest storm of idiocy striking the heart of the traditional publishing industry. I present to you Exhibit A, the announcement of a new YA novel called The Cruelty bought for six figures and sold in umpteen territories and a movie deal and… yeah. Good times indeed. This book was self-published first, so this should be a feel-good success story, right?

Normally this would pass without comment, and I’d be happy for the author. But this, this is more than just a book announcement. The interview with the author on Publishers Weekly is the stuff of drama llama hell.

handbound book

Goodreads shenanigans

I have a Goodreads profile that I jump into occasionally to see what readers are up to. I honestly thought that I’d never be able to do a giveaway for my handbound books there, because how exactly do you do that for books with no ISBN or ASIN number? (ISBN = obvious, ASIN = Amazon’s identifier)

Well, after a few emails to the Goodreads support staff, I have a giveaway for three of my books!