One to watch out for

One to watch out for

Through a series of events that I’m actually not allowed to talk about yet (ooh, mysterious!), I got to read a work in progress by Josh Vogt. That lead to me wandering over to his site, and that lead to me reading his blog, and… well, you know how it goes.


I’m not sure what kind of fiction he usually writes, nor do I know if he’s ever been published before. It seems not, except for some short stories. He’s got an agent though, so we’ll see his stuff in print eventually. This is a good thing, because the work I read today damn near blew my socks off.

If any man deserves a book deal, it’s this guy, folks. Watch out for that name. You may not be able to pronounce it – I know I can’t – but you’d better not forget it.

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  1. So, after mysterious circumstances, I wandered over to your site, and then to your blog (you know how it goes).

    Thanks so much for this, Claire. It’s incredibly heartening to find someone who enjoys the story so much. And thanks for taking the time to review it as well. It’s quite a bit of motivation, for sure.

    And to answer any questions, I mostly focus on fantasy, switching between urban and traditional. It’s also pronounced “Vote.” Though, if one were to do it in proper German, there’d be a bit more phleghm involved.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your work as well!

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