My first handbound book

My first handbound book

I’ve created a number of notepads and sketch books with blank pages, and I’ve re-bound a few second-hand books, but this is my first proper book – one that I typeset myself, printed myself, and bound myself.

I think the end result is pretty good! The paper on the cover was easily the most expensive part of it, at $10 for a single sheet. I think this was definitely a very successful binding attempt, and it produced a good-looking and very sturdy book.

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  1. This is fabulous! How long have you been collecting the machinery to do this? I’d love to start binding my own books for clients and my own micro-publisher at some point in the very far future.

    1. I haven’t 😛 I’m afraid proper bookbinding equipment costs too much money. I do everything with stuff I bought from craft stores or thrift stores, or stuff I’ve rigged up myself.

      My sewing frame is an old Ikea picture frame with the glass taken out, and my book press is a pair of bamboo chopping boards held together with carriage screws.

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