archery at burnaby

More Archery at the Burnaby Range

I took a trip out to the Burnaby Archery Range again to do some more practice with my faithful yet rather crappy 18lb Wildcat bow. This time, we were shooting at 25 yards instead of 20, and I did notice the difference! The good news is that I seem to be getting better – when I’m not tired, that is. And I get very tired very fast, unfortunately.

claire and taylore
Me and Taylore, looking boss as usual

Yes I took selfies. Don’t judge me! It was hot as all hell, and as you can see, the grass was yellow and dusty. Vancouver is under some pretty heavy water restrictions right now, which is a little ironic because it rained today.

first grouping
Our first grouping. Not too shabby.

It was actually bright enough that I almost couldn’t get any photos. My sunglasses are very dark – I have sensitive eyes, don’cher’know – but it does mean that a very sunny day turns into a high contrast blur half the time. This probably didn’t contribute to my accuracy.

another archery target
This is not actually impressive.

See, this looks like I’ve got Hawkeye beat. That’s a gap of about two or three inches and I nailed it in the center. What you don’t know, however, is that this is NOT the target I was aiming at.

I managed to miss the eight foot square target and hit the one next to it.

More practice needed, I think. Next on my list is acquiring a heavier bow, because damn do I ever need a workout at this point.

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