The New Normal

The New Normal CoverThe New Normal Createspace Cover

The New Normal is the second book in the Madeline Journeys series by Perry Wilson. Raynfall provided new cover designs and a new blurb  (a la carte service).

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Madeline left her old life behind when she chose to stay in the magical world of Cartref. Here, she has a husband, a home, and her arcane studies. Somehow, working as a lawyer just doesn’t appeal anymore. Even Simon, her former assistant, has found a purpose and a host of friends among the diverse people of the Summer Lands.

That life hasn’t quite let her go, however.

It seems that they were not the only ones to be summoned from Earth. By chance, Madeline’s old nemesis from the law firm has been snatched through the veils between the realms, and she’s landed in the hands of a people known as the Choi. At first, Madeline suspects it was one of her own spells gone awry, but it becomes clear that the Choi have their own, very dark schemes in mind. Madeline can’t let a former enemy, even one as utterly frustrating as Lee Marshall, become a sacrifice in a brutal blood magic ritual.

With her husband, Jode, and a small group of trusted friends, she sets out to rescue Lee from a messy and painful death.

Nevertheless, the Choi face extinction without it. Their leader, Skye Greatmother, has bet the future of her people on the blood power of a strange woman from a foreign land. For their tribe to live, someone has to die, and if Madeline can’t figure out another way, it’s going to be Lee – or Madeline herself.

When the sun rises, and the ritual magic takes hold, the blood must flow.

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