Closing the Circle

Closing the Circle coverClosing the Circle Createspace cover

Closing the Circle is the first standalone novel written by Perry Wilson. Raynfall provided new cover designs and a new blurb (a la carte service).


In the dark places of San Francisco, a serial killer has chosen to ignore the words of the Wiccan Rede. It begins with one body, then two, then three, and the murders become more ritualistic and brutal with every new victim. Each one is burned, tortured, and discarded like so much trash, with runes and symbols carved into their skin. Each one is connected to the object of the killer’s desire: Felicity Armstrong, a believer in Wicca horrified at the perversion of her religion.

Only Sam Barton of the FBI stands between her and her pagan stalker. With his leave in San Francisco prematurely canceled, his task is to protect Felicity and find the murderer before everyone around her dies. In spite of the dire circumstances, they are instantly drawn to one another – but if he gets too close, it may be his mutilated body that turns up in the morgue.

The killer seems to defeat them at every turn. Cryptic notes reveal the depths of an obsessive, twisted mind that has latched onto Felicity as the incarnation of a pagan Goddess, and made a cruel mockery of all that she holds dear. Every slight to her, both real and imagined, must be punished with death.

The festival of Mabon approaches, and with it, the final sacrifice. The killer has a plan for the Goddess. The circle is open, and waiting for the last victim. And if Sam cannot save her, Felicity will be trapped inside.

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