Breaking the Bonds

Breaking the Bonds CoverBreaking the Bonds Createspace Cover

Breaking the Bonds is the second standalone novel written by Perry Wilson. Raynfall provided new cover designs and a new blurb (a la carte service).

Twenty five years ago, the Meta appeared on the planet of Free Faith.

The peaceful, rustic human colonists knew nothing of war, or combat. Their idyllic existence was subjugated, their very lives made sport for the pleasure of the aliens.

The Meta take what they want by threat of force, and walk among the humans as lords; demanding, controlling, and contemptuous.

But the cruelty has gone too far. One callous act too many. One indignity on top of a thousand indignities. One life taken, like so many others. The Meta are not invincible, and their influence does not extend to the hearts and minds of the people. Three young colonists, Serena, Michal, and Oisin, begin the whispers of a word not heard on Free Faith in many years – REBELLION.

The cost is great, and the danger considerable. Many would prefer to remain under the heel of the Meta, and give up their freedom forever for the sake of stability. But the three friends find others of like mind, and the word moves from village to village, leaving a wake of determined, hardened people willing to risk their lives for the cause.

The time has come to break the bonds, and take back their home.

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