Five on Friday: Sucking Money

Here’s your required reading for the week.

The Passive Guy reports an article from Shannon Hale on why indies are amateurs, and an insightful response from Anna Elliot.

Victoria Strauss on the new, money-wasting service being offered by AuthorHouse called BookStubs.

Daivd Gaughran in a guest post over at Catherine, Caffeinated on how to handle the non-US tax stuff – from February, but too valuable not to highlight.

Another from Victoria on Writer Beware on companies offering more money-sucking schemes to part authors from their hard earned cash.

Support Indie Authors!

Today’s brave self-published soul is E. Stoops, whose latest work is Corner of a Round Planet – a strange, alternate world sci-fi book just published on Amazon. E. (first name unknown) lives in the Pacific Northwest, probably somewhere close to my home town of Vancouver, and runs a little publishing outfit called Small Tomatoes Press.

  • Cover? – great photo, but it needs more of a sci-fi feel, and that text needs to pop a lot more.
  • Blurb? – very concise, good tone. Maybe add a little more info on the stakes?
  • Social media? – oh dear, where’s the links? I have a Facebook page but it’s not connected on the site. No Twitter? No Pinterest?
  • Web design? – free Blogspot blog, with a simple and effective design.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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