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Quick hit: New Top Level Domains

Posted on 19 May 2013 by Claire Ryan

Looks like Amazon is going after the .author domain.

A top level domain is the stuff you see at the end of a website link – like .com,, .org. ICANN, the ones in charge of this kind of thing, are allowing companies to apply for new TLDs, and there’s something of a rush on them right now. I’m glad Amazon is getting this, though still wary. Mostly I’m just happy that AuthorHouse or any of the big publishers aren’t getting it.

Here’s a few others:

  • .book – Bowker is one applicant, plus a few others I don’t recognise.
  • .docs – Google and Microsoft are going head to head over this one.
  • .free – Amazon and Google both asking for it.

No one’s applied for .writer yet. I wonder if there’s an opportunity there?

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