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Lots of work has gone into ABookForMe over the last few weeks. I’ve got some great feedback from everyone, which I’m very happy about, and I’ve made a number of improvements. Top of the list, though, is the Amazon cache – after the rebuild, it’s finally starting to return good results, even I don’t have that many books yet.

The Amazon Listings

My total tally of books is just over 100,000. Not much in comparison to the millions Amazon has, unfortunately, but it’s a start. The rebuild took about a week and a half, after I scrubbed all the keyword information for the cache.

Hopefully, the keywords will improve over time.

The ‘More Like This’ Feature

This was a suggestion from a friend – a search index based on a single book’s keywords. And, funnily enough, it does seem to work pretty well, even though it always includes the original book there despite my best efforts to filter it out. I had it limited to logged in users only, but I’ve opened it up to everyone for now.

So, for the future, I’m going to start giving out logins to people so I can start building out the user features properly. Busy busy…

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