Print Editions

I print and bind my own books, and I often do book giveaways on the mailing list for different copies. If I have the materials, I will do LibraryThing giveaways or more open giveaways on Twitter.

These books are handmade using found materials (or anything I can get that looks interesting) and traditional bookbinding techniques, and will be signed if requested. For readers in the Vancouver BC area, it also includes personal delivery and lunch!

Some bindings or test copies are also sold on Etsy.

My duds are up for grabs if you don’t mind getting a book, or a notebook, with some flaws.

Raynfall Edition

raynfall edition

For each new book release, I create the Raynfall Edition. This edition requires a large investment of time and money, and will never be sold. It’s also usually one-of-a-kind, with decorative covers and special bindings.