Yesterday I was on the Hop into Easter stream event on Twitch, and it was a blast! It was organized by a Twitch streamer from the UK called 999PicklePuss, and we had over twenty streamers and crafters involved in the raid train, hopping from channel to channel, and doing Easter-themed stuff.

I’m so glad I was a part of it. I spent all weekend setting up a scavenger hunt using StreamElements commands, where the viewers in chat had to solve riddles to find Easter eggs in the Easter Bunny’s mansion (sounds strange but you had to be there!) There were almost 50 people – a new best for me – and the riddles were all solved in just under 20 minutes. Anyone who solved a riddle could choose a color for the Easter egg crochet bag I was making on stream, and the person who solved the last riddle won the bag!

My stream, showing me crocheting the bag and all the stuff on my desk

It was so much fun, and I’m so glad I did it. Everyone was saying what a cool idea the scavenger hunt was, and that I have to come back for the summer event and do it again – and maybe do a longer one! I’m a little intimidated by it but it’s also really gratifying that people enjoyed it so much. I was so scared it wouldn’t work, and I didn’t get a chance to test the commands at all!

2022 is going to be an interesting year, I just know it.