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I wanted to try out some flowers using embroidery thread, and this is the result – a pair of little flowers that would probably make good earrings! Very simple, two rounds, and with the right colors, they could look like little starfish.

I used a small 1.75mm hook, and some six-strand cotton embroidery thread in two colors.

a pair of blue crochet flowers with yellow centres

Starflower Pattern

Round 1, first colour:

  • Start with the magic circle technique.
  • Into the circle: ch5, (dc2, ch3)x4
  • Slst into 3rd of the first ch5
  • Bind off.

Round 2, second colour:

  • Start in the middle of one of the ch3 of previous round.
  • In the centre of each pair of dc in previous round:
    • In the centre space: hdc, dc
    • Ch2
    • Slst into bottom loop of first ch of the ch2
    • In the centre space: dc, hdc
  • Slst into the middle of the next ch3
  • Finally: slst in the same gap as the first slst of the round
  • Bind off.