About Raynfall Crafts

My name is Claire. I crochet, I knit, I like to wind yarn, and I like to talk.

In late 2021, I left my job as a senior software developer due to medical issues. I had to do something to fill my time while I was recovering, and I returned to crochet and then knitting – things that I had learned as a child, and had done a lot before I left for college and joined the “real world”.

I remembered why I had loved it so much.

I do all kinds of fibre arts, but crochet comes easiest to me. I love texture, and structure, and combining different skills to produce novel designs. For me, the arts are just as much about the journey and process as the end result. It’s a way for me to stay connected to Ireland, my home and heart, and my family heritage.

Picking up a hook again improved my mental health more than I can say. It brought me relaxation and peace, and space to simply be. I crochet or knit every single day, and carry some work with me everywhere.

The world is my craft room now. I hope it’s yours too.

Dedicated to the beloved memory of Ada McCarthy, my grandmother, and Mary Delaney, my godmother
who taught me the arts when I was a child.

Let all that I do be blessed by their spirits.