Team Building Exercises

I teach a 2-3 hour crochet workshop that’s focused on mental health and cooperative crafting.

Crochet is a very forgiving art. It’s accessible, and encourages mindfulness. The actions of placing stitch after stitch, row upon row, is calm, tactile, and gentle.

As a team-building exercise, my crochet class consists of teaching the basics, with an emphasis on finding the style that works best for the individual. I spend an hour getting everyone to the point of being able to crochet a single small square, using hooks and yarn I provide that will work well for beginners. Then I set the class a challenge: complete as many squares as possible in an hour, and then arrange them into a design that will work as a wall hanging. I monitor the students, offering help where needed. After the class, I do the final assembly and finishing, and then bring it to the team for display in their workspace.

Benefits of this class:

  • It encourages collaboration, as everyone must work to contribute to the final piece.
  • It presents a novel challenge to the class, based on dexterity and skill; many people have never tried crochet before!
  • It introduces the art to new people who may go on to become regular crocheters.
  • Those who already know how to crochet can show off their skill, adding more details and more elaborate stitches to the squares.
  • Crochet is meditative and constructive, relieving stress while making tactile objects.
  • There is a job for everyone, regardless of skill level! Anyone who finds making a square itself too difficult can help design the final piece.
  • The wall hanging is a true expression of the people who made it, and serves as a reminder of what they can accomplish together.
  • No one is left behind! Every square must be incorporated into the final piece, even those that could not be finished.

I recommend scheduling at least a month in advance, and I can provide digital marketing materials to publicize the event.