The purl cast off is basically the same as the knit cast off, except we’re purling instead of knitting. Some beginners may find it tricky to handle the yarn being at the front!

1. Start by purling the first two stitches.

Try to keep the stitches a little bit looser than usual. It’ll make the cast off easier.

2. Put the left hand needle through the front of the second stitch.

That is, the stitch behind the one with the yarn coming out of it. (Keep the yarn down and away to the right if it’s getting in the way, but don’t bring it to the back – it needs to stay in front.

3. Lift the stitch up and over the first stitch, pulling it off the right hand needle.

Make sure the first stitch (the one with the yarn coming out of it) stays on the right hand needle. The second stitch should settle around the base of the first.

4. Purl another stitch, and keep going in the same manner!

When you purl another stitch, there are now two purls on the right hand needle, so start again at step 2 and continue. As you work, a nice ridge of cast-off purls will take shape!

Once you have one stitch left, cut the yarn and pass it through the final stitch. Then pull it tight, and you’re done!

Thanks for reading and I hope this is helpful!